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Bio: Greg Katz, Personal Coach
Greg Katz, MS, MFT

Every person is born with a mission.
I believe that each of us is endowed with gifts, and I believe that, when we are living our best lives, we are empowered to share these gifts with our community.

I have known my calling for as long as I can remember. It was my good fortune to be born into a family where my mission – a drive to help others – was honored and respected. This support, along with my strong sense of purpose, has helped me to find ways to facilitate positive change in the lives of others from a very young age.

If you know your mission, your path to a better life is clear.
My early years were spent organizing charity events and creating day camps in my backyard for neighborhood kids. Later, I became an advocate for fellow students in high school and college. I learned that fostering opportunities for people to live their best lives created a self-sustaining legacy – that those who had followed their own path to positive change were models and helpers to those who were still seeking mission and vision in their own lives.

My career choice to become a psychotherapist was not a surprise to anyone. I began my practice in 1986, and, since then, I have provided a safe space for individuals, families and communities to tackle the difficult questions in their lives. Working for nonprofit organizations and maintaining a private practice provided me with two sides of the service coin. Whether I was raising money, budgeting a million dollar program or providing services to kids through County Social Services, my commitment to supporting others seeking new safety, security and prosperity has never faltered.

My realignment to coaching came as a result of a life-changing interlude as the Program Director at The Wellness Community, a national nonprofit organization providing priceless services to cancer patients and their families. While facilitating groups, I heard from many patients that they saw their illness as a gift. It was hard to imagine that people could be grateful to struggle against such a threatening and insidious disease. Slowly, I came to understand that, for some patients, having cancer was a license to live the lives they felt they were meant to live. It was sobering to think that anyone might need to suffer from a potentially terminal illness in order to feel empowered. I felt strongly that I could help others find less treacherous paths toward more fulfilling lives. This idea marked the birth of Life Lift Coaching.

Passion is a mixture of hunger and love.
My love for coaching and my hunger to gain and integrate knowledge into my daily life and work make me a passionate ally. I use this passion to help create momentum for my clients. I welcome the new challenges, experiences and insights that come from my work, knowing that each human interaction I experience helps me become a better person and a better coach.

My life is full of color both literally and figuratively. I am continuously encountering new shades, new tones and new values that shape my professional palette. In addition to being a coach, I’m a quilt artist, and my studio is full of lively fabric, patterns and designs. In a quilt, each piece of fabric is an integral part of the larger piece; in life, we each bring a unique, beautiful texture to the pattern of community, representing our strengths, desires and goals. When we engage in community, we create a human quilt: an artwork characterized by complexity, beauty and comfort.

I bring mission, experience and passion to my coaching relationships.
As your life coach, it will be my mission to guide you toward your best self. How will I accomplish this? Through respect. Through compassion. With open eyes, an open mind and an open heart. Through experience. And through a passionate belief in you and your dreams.
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