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The Life Lift Process
Coaching enables active living.

The difference between daydreamers and those who achieve their dreams isn't simple luck. Most people who reach their goals have made a commitment to fulfilling their promise, making active choices every day to bring them closer to a vision of their best life. Coaching is a tool that articulates this process, helping you take a meaningful inventory of your life and giving you the opportunity to share your passion and mission with your coach, whose sole commitment is to facilitate your success. As your coach, I bear witness to your life and validate your aspirations. Our coaching relationship will create a highly personal dialogue centered on powerful questions that unleash your strength, courage and wisdom. These key assets will give you the power to turn your expectations into achievements.

Life Lift Coaching offers a variety of coaching experiences.
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Invest in your dreams with one-on-one coaching.
Join a group and gain momentum from shared exploration and growth.
Use a workshop to galvanize your life.
Take a pilgrimage toward your better self.

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