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The Life Lift Process
Use a workshop to galvanize your life.

When your car doesn't start, you don't always need a new battery; sometimes a jump-start is enough to get you moving forward. Life is punctuated by similar stall-outs that signal when we need to recharge and recommit to goals and dreams. Workshops are a fabulous way to gain energy and get moving. I offer a variety of workshops that focus on inspiring topics, and I include follow-up strategies that support momentum.

Offerings include:

  • Living Out Loud: Making happiness a habit
  • The Pajama Game: Inviting success into your home-based business
  • Life Architecture: Designing the life you want from the ground up
  • I'm Famous, So I Must Be Dead: Escaping the plague of poverty for artists

These topics have been successfully adapted for presentation as keynote talks, workshops for conferences and full day, community offerings. Please contact me for more information about scheduling a workshop or lecture for your organization.

Life Lift Coaching offers a variety of coaching experiences.
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Invest in your dreams with one-on-one coaching.
Join a group and gain momentum from shared exploration and growth.
Use a workshop to galvanize your life.
Take a pilgrimage toward your better self.

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