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The Life Lift Process
Take a pilgrimage toward your better self.

A pilgrimage is a journey set in motion by a yearning or a heartfelt question. In my practice, pilgrimages are year-long programs designed to provide the clarity, guidance and inspiration necessary to initiate a life of fulfillment, prosperity and hope. Each monthly meeting focuses on a specific point of inquiry and ends with an invitation to explore the next month's topic. Your response to the general topic - and to regular e-mails that offer supplementary thoughts and points of view - will guide your journey each month.

When you commit to a pilgrimage, you offer yourself a gift of patience and a vote of confidence. You send yourself these messages: I value my dreams; I am willing to invest time and resources to move forward with my life; I am ready to actively work toward my life goals. Pilgrimages have a special momentum; the direction and support of a coach and the companionship of fellow travelers combine to create a hopeful, energetic environment for change. The group process emphasizes that you're not alone in wanting something extraordinary for yourself, your friends, your family and your community.

Pilgrimages help you direct yourself to greatness. At this time, there are two established itineraries. The first unites people who want to explore, expand, acknowledge and validate their creativity. Often, we are inclined to keep adding things to our repertoire without creating a sense of mastery. The creativity pilgrimage will provide you with the skills and motivation to recapture dissipated energy and focus on nurturing and celebrating your best, deepest achievements.

The second year-long journey is geared toward entrepreneurs. Some say it takes a year to become an overnight sensation. Why not spend that year in the company of - and with the support of - other rising stars who share your vision? This group is Entrepreneurial Circuit Training. It will take you beyond the ABC's of starting a successful business and give you the edge that's imperative for sustainability. This group will support your climb to the top and give you the tools to build a home on the summit.

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Take a pilgrimage toward your better self.

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